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Reflux or coronary? It may be your call

Joe, a pretty healthy guy in his 60s, was having increasing bouts of pain around or in his esophagus. Was it GERD, or something coronary?

Tick-borne Powassan virus on the rise

Maine has had no new Powassan cases since Lyn Snow’s death in 2013. But several sources say the virus is on the increase: as many as 4% of deer ticks may be carrying this extremely dangerous pathogen.

The concealed genius of Michael Weber

You’ve never heard of Michael Weber, but he is always the smartest person in the room, and the most remarkable person I’ve ever met. A brief excursion into magic, mind-reading, and an amazing talent who fiercely masks his genius.

Want a new car? Press PRINT! Also, sauteed soft-shell crabs

Jay Rogers of Local Motors breaks all the rules in automobile manufacturing: he’ll be the first in the world to print a car, live, in front of thousands. Plus, nice photos of sauteed soft-shell crabs, which I didn’t like that much as a dish (also a first for this blog!)

Lyme on the brink – the battle for a vaccine

A Lyme vaccine for dogs, but not for us. Why not? What happened? And what’s happening now? There’s movement afoot, and significant progress, but we’ll still have to wait…