Back again – my puzzle, my book

Well, I didn’t say good-bye forever. Pretty short hiatus, actually. But I’ve been up to my eyeballs in different projects. Here’s one:

Sunday New York Times puzzle today (9/11) – by me and George Barany



My first Sunday puzzle in the Times, designed to be pretty easy and very entertaining. Hope you have fun with it.


Here’s another – a new novel, just published last week.

Widower Cover3small

And here’s the pitch:

For Jack Lovett, the sudden death of his wife unleashes the sort of grief that goes far beyond the usual boundaries – into unexplored zones of doubt, confusion and superheated passion. Emotionally rich, laced with irony and other people’s bad behavior, THE WIDOWER draws us into the wounded head and heart of one vulnerable man — and a series of tumultuous adventures with too many casseroles, too many women, hostile in-laws, unwelcome surprises at work, and a budding love interest who just might be able to understand why he is the way he is.

See more at It’s available on my CreateSpace e-store and on Amazon.


Next time, I’d like to explore the phenomenon of monomouths. Not sure what that is? Just wait!

Thanks all – there you have it.

Ned White

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Ned White is a writer, novelist, crossword puzzle constructor, traveler through 49 states, and at times a danger in the kitchen. He lives with his wife in South Thomaston.