Gone fishin’

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Gone fishin’ 
Well there’s a sign upon my door 
Gone fishin’ 
I ain’t workin’ anymore 

“Gone Fishin’” – Bing Crosby, Louis Armstrong

After 32 months and 123 blog posts and nearly 220,000 views, I find myself wanting to dive into other things I really want to do. Promoting my novels, getting another book ready for publication, crossword puzzles and more. So this is my final post – at least for a few months or so, maybe longer – I just don’t know. We’ve been all over the country, told stories, done some cooking, delved into the wild and weird, explored some tricky science (physics and viruses, anyone?), wrestled a bit with local and national politics, and quite a bit more. All along, I’ve tried to abide by my credo — just one more time:

Hot Stove “credo” moment

It’s all about what I’d like you to get from all this. I’d like you to get a sense of my affection and admiration for this country, all parts and compass points of it, and so many people I’ve met in it I’d never know unless I’d traveled. I’d like you to get to crack a smile and a chuckle now and then. I’d like you to be, at times, as fascinated as I am by the outer edges of science and thought and irony. And I’d like you to eat with as much pleasure and gusto and sense of adventure as I have. I guess that’s the blog credo. Love, thought, food. Nice little trinity there.

And this little movie I made, American Tapestry, captures a lot of the spirit of this blog. Have a look if you haven’t already.

Many thanks to the BDN’s Tony Ronzio, Pattie Reaves, and Sarah Cottrell fior their support and faith in my work – they’ve been great! And also to my 61 subscribers – thanks for hanging in there.

So long, gang. It’s been a great ride.

– Ned


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Ned White is a writer, novelist, crossword puzzle constructor, traveler through 49 states, and at times a danger in the kitchen. He lives with his wife in South Thomaston.