My little movie, and Margaret’s story of Milton Breel

 A fun little story from Margaret.

Great to hear from Margaret Coombs last week, after such a stretch of time! Here’s the gist of her email…


Bit of excitement in the neighborhood couple of months back. Milton Breel and his wife Lindsey have a daughter Amanda, age about 24 as I recall, and right around New Year’s they got wind of impending engagement to her involving a young sawmill worker named Kody (or Coby, or Kyle, or Cody, not sure which). Now, by way of background, I have to say Milton’s been saving up a bit of clever levity he’d parked away for some years now, and he had a chance to spring it loose on Kody in a private conversation about the upcoming commitment. I chatted with Milton about it, and here’s what he said. First, he was generally favorable toward Kody (or whoever the fella was) and believed he had a ready sense of humor. But when he collared the young man, in a friendly way, and took him to the front porch, this is what happened.

“I hear you have more than a passing interest in our girl, Amanda.”

“Why, yes I do.”

“And it has grown into something else.”

“Why, yes it has. I offered her my honor.”

“Hm. Did she honor your offer?”

“Why, yes she did honor my offer!”

“Good. Till then, it’s best you be more often off her than on her.”

At this time Milton discovered Kody’s sense of humor didn’t stretch quite as far as he’d hoped, and thus followed a month or so of rebuilding the foundation of family bonds, as it were. Kody believed Milton was dangerously funny, and unpredictable, and wondered if they could warm to each other enough to make necessary repairs. As it happens, they have, and the wedding is set for May.

Not sure, though, if Kody has been abiding by Milton’s cautions.

Thanks to Margaret for checking in.


My “Breathe” movie…


Well, weather being what it’s been lately (clouds, rain, gale force winds, teen temps, the usual April stuff) I’ve been huddling indoors fiddling with the “iMovie” app on my iMac, inspired by my wife’s success in actually getting it to work more or less the way she wanted. I’ve never used it before, but in time I figured out how to install the music I wanted – a beautiful Rankin Family ballad called “Breathe, Dream, Pray” – just about 4 minutes long. Then I started plugging in my photos, with transitions between them, and all hell broke loose. I would assign a length of time to each image – usually about 3-4 seconds each – and when I added new photos the earlier photos would arbitrarily (apparently) squeeze down to 1 or 2 seconds. Mayhem! Photos that were timed to certain pieces of the music got way out of sync, until I finally figured out how to override iMovie’s whimsical way of messing with my work, and in time everything cut the way I wanted it to. But it took a fair amount of doing, I’ll say.

The show is kind of emotional and possibly inspirational, depending on who’s viewing it. All the people and faces in it (except for a couple of street shots) are friends of ours or modeled for me in studio, or both. Many thanks to them! So here’s the final cut:

I’ve been busy enough with photography in recent years to want a kind of “legacy statement” that would long (hopefully) outlive me. I think this little show captures much of that spirit, and I hope you enjoy it.

The music in this video is owned by the Rankin Family, not me, but I have two requests in to them and their management for permission to use the song, with appropriate credit. It’s strictly for noncommercial use, so I’m optimistic. They are an insanely terrific group, and the album “These Are The Moments” is some of their best work – great Country Rock, soaring vocals.

All the images in the piece (in case you missed it) are my photos.


Short post today. As always, there’s more to come when we get into serious cooking again.


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