My novel is out – STRING THEORIES. And about those Maine superdelegates…

My new novel is just out, and at the risk of bending the blogging rules a little bit, I want to promote it. A fine distinction: book promotion, not self-promotion.

A story of love, adventure and intrigue romping across the bumpy landscape of physics and Taoism…


A brilliant young Los Alamos physicist with amnesia meets a young woman on the run from her husband. She’s self-described “trailer trash” seeking Buddhist wisdom; he just wants to learn what happened to the first 23 years of his life. They meet by “accident,” but was it really?

A wild, adventurous love story of quantum physics and faith, playing out across the unruly cultural landscape of northern New Mexico and the Great Plains.

From p. 9:


So it is that physicist Reese Archuleta and Buddhist-in-training Sage Stipes begin their improbable, tortuous journey to the only truth that will make sense to them.


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My regular readers know I’m more than an average physics nut, have a deeper than average attachment to the Great Plains and New Mexico, and am more open than some to appreciate and marvel at the mysteries of metaphysics and alternative ways of viewing our world. When all of these were in conjunction, as it were, some 19 years ago, STRING THEORIES happened – partly at my home in Taos, partly at my apartment in Vermont. Of my four published novels, it’s my favorite and probably my best work. It’s dominantly a love story, but it’s also a mystery and an adventure: what is going on with these two people (my characters Reese and Sage) that they’re so tightly wired? What’s missing in their pasts? Can they control their own futures? It’s a wild ride.

You can get the book here, for $14.95: and in a few days at

Readmore about it my website:

Hope you like!


Maine superdelegates: Let voters decide!

Let the voters decide. Pledge to support the candidate who gets the most pledged delegate votes at the Democratic National Convention.

My wife Carla started a MoveOn petition last week directed at Maine’s five superdelegates, three of whom are pledged for Clinton, one for Sanders, one uncommitted. So far, the petition has more than 1,600 signatures, with a very reachable goal of 2000. If you want to help protect how our democracy works for the people, and not for the powerful, sign it! Thanks!

Oh, and let the petition do its work. What doesn’t work – and what runs counter to the spirit of the Sanders campaign – is calling superdelegates directly to harass them, as reported last week in the Portland Press Herald. Please don’t.

Breaking: Troy Jackson, Maine senator and superdelegate from Aroostook, has signed the petition, Feb. 25.


I wrote this back in April, 2015 … and it bears repeating every now and then.

Hot Stove “credo” moment

So where are we, a few months into my second year of blogging? It’s all about what I’d like you to get from all this. I’d like you to get a sense of my affection and admiration for this country, all parts and compass points of it, and so many people I’ve met in it I’d never know unless I’d traveled. I’d like you to get to crack a smile and a chuckle now and then. I’d like you to be, at times, as fascinated as I am by the outer edges of science and thought and irony. And I’d like you to eat with as much pleasure and gusto and sense of adventure as I have. I guess that’s the blog credo. Love, thought, food. Nice little trinity there.


That’s it for now. I’ll be on short hiatus – but back soon enough with new material. Including the best possible way to cook a chuck roast.

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