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Mixed Grill, Chemtrails over the Midcoast?, and a great Bloody Mary

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A sampling of offbeat and funny moments on the road, a spooky sky over the Midcoast with contrails going every whichaway, and a perfectly healthy and delicious Bloody Mary recipe.

Mighty Truck’s great adventure and Margaret’s best-ever baked scallops

Scallops waiting for your magic. (Ned White photo)

Margaret sends in a fine recipe for baked scallops, and I recall truckers and my wife’s heroic 2100 mile, 5-day journey from Vermont to New Mexico in a moderately workable 1952 Ford F1 pickup truck, in winter, towing a trailer, alone, with no cell phone, through snow and ice and rain and (*sigh*) all of Tennessee.

High and Heady Taos, New Mexico – Best-ever Southwest Black Bean Soup

Taos Mesa, cut through by the Rio Grande Gorge.

  Years before we moved to midcoast Maine, my wife and I lived for several years in Taos, New Mexico, which sits at a heady-ish altitude of 7500 feet on a vast mesa of sagebrush and chamisa, sliced down the middle by the 800-feet deep Rio Grande Gorge. Vastness is endemic to the Taos area, […]