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Classic French bread boules — A scatter of voices

Classic French bread

Overnight (but minimal kneading) classic French bread boules with crunchy crusts… and a collection of voices, recorded and live, that shock, calm, and entertain, with some fun audio samples.

Bourbon chocolate pecan cookies – a love letter to Cuprum, Idaho

bourbon pecan chocolate drop cookies

Deliciously addictive gluten-free (or not) chocolate chocolate chip cookies with bourbon, pecans, and coconut, and a memoir about two journeys to one of the smallest and remotest communities in the lower United States: Cuprum, Idaho.

Taste-tingling chicken parmesan — Escape to Sicily

chicken parmesan

A recipe for some very, very good chicken parmesan (sometimes presented as chicken parmagiana) – plus, some dumb Americans, a sojourn to Trapani, Sicily, and what does the term “marinara” mean, anyway?

Shirred eggs — Margaret and the hot air engine story

Easy-to-make baked eggs - delicious!

Rich and creamy shirred eggs – a special breakfast treat. Plus, Henry and Margaret check in, and Margaret tells of her grandfather-in-law’s adventures with his hot air engine at the County Fair and Exposition.

Real New Mexican Green Chile Stew – Schrödinger’s Cat on Skis


Authentic New Mexican Green Chile Stew – an easy-to-organize party for your tastebuds! And an excursion into quantum weirdness at Ski Rio in far northern New Mexico.