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My novel is out – STRING THEORIES. And about those Maine superdelegates…

A MoveOn petition encouraging Maine superdelegates to vote the will of the people… and release of my latest novel, STRING THEORIES, where —

A brilliant young Los Alamos physicist with amnesia meets a young woman on the run from her husband. She’s self-described “trailer trash” seeking Buddhist wisdom; he just wants to learn what happened to the first 23 years of his life. They meet by “accident,” but was it really?

A wild, adventurous love story of quantum physics and faith, playing out across the unruly cultural landscape of northern New Mexico and the Great Plains.

Bernie, Episode 1: Dem Wars!

I’m a huge fan of Bernie Sanders, and no fan at all of Hillary Clinton. The public is starting to wake up, and the mainstream media (at last!) is paying attention. This is Episode 1: four things about Hillary that unnerve me or make my skin crawl. Much more to come in the few posts…