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Reflux or coronary? It may be your call

(image by Ian Furst)

Joe, a pretty healthy guy in his 60s, was having increasing bouts of pain around or in his esophagus. Was it GERD, or something coronary?

Repost – a Boomer’s Christmas memory (and bourbon balls!)


It starts like this: “There was always lots of snow then, and you’d go out with your brother wearing your scratchy wool jacket and hole-y mittens and corduroy pants worn smooth, along with those leaking galoshes, and you’d build snow forts and an arsenal of snowballs…” but the ending belongs to you.

Guest recipe: Bernie Sanders’ homemade eggnog!


Bernie’s Eggnog! It’s astonishing, given the demands of his campaign, that Bernie Sanders actually replied “yes” to my email inquiring if he’d like to share a holiday recipe with the people of the state of Maine – at least those who are “in the know” because they read the BDN – and just as astonishing that […]

Is “the real” Hillary fit to lead?


Just this once, I’m indulging an urge to talk politics: is Hillary fit to be president? She has the political chops, yes, but does she have the character? Uh uh. Nope.