Welcoming Lila… and all newborns

A Welcome Song…

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For reasons that I can’t fathom, our family has been steadily adding December birthdays to our calendar. Most recently, on December 13, we welcomed Lila (left) to the gang – our fifth grandchild, and the third to arrive within a week or so of the winter solstice. In advance of her birth, I was inspired to welcome her with a simple poem, below, which is broadly dedicated to all my granddaughters, and even more broadly to all baby girls brand new to this planet. (It can also work for our grandson Abe, but I’d have to change the first line of the poem!)

You’re welcome to share this in any way you wish. It’s in jpeg form, at fairly high resolution. Thanks to Carla for her graphic artistry, and to Molly, Jacob, Lucy and Lila for being such a fine family!



There it is, until next year. Seasons Greetings to everyone, and Happy First Birthday to Journeys Over a Hot Stove! It’s been a rollicking good year.

Ned White

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