Monthly Archives: January 2014

Shirred eggs — Margaret and the hot air engine story

Rich and creamy shirred eggs – a special breakfast treat. Plus, Henry and Margaret check in, and Margaret tells of her grandfather-in-law’s adventures with his hot air engine at the County Fair and Exposition.

Welsh Rarebit indulgence — the West isn’t funny

Sumptuous, velvety Welsh Rarebit sauce, perfect for a supper on a cold winter night … and some thoughts on why the West, unlike much of the South and Northeast, isn’t very funny.

Real New Mexican Green Chile Stew – Schrödinger’s Cat on Skis

Authentic New Mexican Green Chile Stew – an easy-to-organize party for your tastebuds! And an excursion into quantum weirdness at Ski Rio in far northern New Mexico.

Tuscan Lamb with Parsley – Fear and Sighing in Olympia

My wife and I lived in Olympia, Washington for two years when she was assigned to work with the state’s public health department. There were other cities available to her – in California, New Mexico, and somewhere in the Midwest – but we chose Olympia, knowing in advance that it had the sort of rainy, dreary, soul-crushing climate that might wring the very last milligram of joy from your being.

Revelation near St. Joe, Missouri – Traditional Fried Corn Meal Mush

  We’re all familiar with certain conversations that become confused, entangled, sidetracked, or completely derailed – for good or ill – due to one reason or another: a sudden burst of wit, a defensive attitude, a reliance on irony as a way to put a spin on an idea, or just plain mean old ugliness […]

Apalachicola, Florida – Delicious Mix’ n’ Match Baked Oysters

My wife and I were in Apalachicola, Florida, a few years ago to spend a weekend eating oysters.  Apalachicola is a small town, nestled on the elbow of the Florida panhandle, and it’s about as far away as you can get from fancy city seafood restaurants that serve things like braised medallions of clam spleens […]