Monthly Archives: December 2013

High and Heady Taos, New Mexico – Best-ever Southwest Black Bean Soup

  Years before we moved to midcoast Maine, my wife and I lived for several years in Taos, New Mexico, which sits at a heady-ish altitude of 7500 feet on a vast mesa of sagebrush and chamisa, sliced down the middle by the 800-feet deep Rio Grande Gorge. Vastness is endemic to the Taos area, […]

Kiss the Cod – Traditional Fish ‘n’ Potatoes

  A couple of summers ago my wife and I were in St. John’s, Newfoundland (pron: newfin-LAND) at a bed and breakfast for two nights before heading west into the deeper recesses of the province. In the morning, the B&B proprietress gave us coffee but said breakfast would be slow in coming because her husband, […]

Introducing ‘Journeys over a Hot Stove’

  Most of my adult life I’ve had itchy feet. Hydrocortisone cream helps a little, but the only real salve was to hit the road to see what’s out there. Having been raised in the east, this meant going west and avoiding interstates whenever possible, taking smaller roads to see what the next town looked […]