Want a new car? Press PRINT! Also, sauteed soft-shell crabs

crabs and shrimp

Jay Rogers of Local Motors breaks all the rules in automobile manufacturing: he’ll be the first in the world to print a car, live, in front of thousands. Plus, nice photos of sauteed soft-shell crabs, which I didn’t like that much as a dish (also a first for this blog!)

Lyme on the brink – the battle for a vaccine


A Lyme vaccine for dogs, but not for us. Why not? What happened? And what’s happening now? There’s movement afoot, and significant progress, but we’ll still have to wait…

Science on (and over) the edge – Three geniuses with guts


A personal tribute to Francis Crick, David Bohm, and John Mack for risking their careers stretching the envelope of science: directed panspermia, the implicate order, and alien encounters.

The tick-borne Powassan virus – you don’t want it


No joke or food this week: the tick-borne Powassan virus may be around us, and it’s as bad as a virus can be. You don’t want it.